Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Thankful For......

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I just thought I'd write about a few things that I'm thankful for. First, today, I'm very thankful for kids that sleep in until at least 8:30 every day.
For my beautiful home and a husband that worked so hard for so long to make it so beautiful.
For Daisy - she's such a good dog!
Mya, for drinking her bottle propped up on the couch so that I can deal with Lo.
A toy room - need I say more?
My job - I really am lucky to have such a great job that still allows me to be a "stay at home" mom. My friends, they stick around through everything, and even though most of them I don't see more than once a month, I know they will be there for me whenever I need them.
GNO - I'd die without my monthly GNO!!
The Twilight movie for coming out at midnight and making me feel "young and crazy" for going when I'd been up since 3:30 that morning.
Snug-a-bug time with Mya during Lo's naps.
Naptime (for kids and moms).
Our families - we are so lucky to have so much support, and they all help us and love us so much. Blogging - for giving me an outlet.
My ward - we've only been here a short time, but already feel so welcome.
Facebook, yes Facebook, for helping me reconnect with people that I'd all but forgotten about.
Lauren for letting me love and kiss her constantly throughout the day.
Mya for having huge cheeks that are irresistible.
My nephews for reminding me how much fun/destructive little boys are.
My nieces for just being so sweet and making Lauren feel like a big girl.
For being LDS and being able to stay grounded through my faith.
For Christ and the Atonement.
My 2 girls for being the greatest blessings one could ever ask for.
And of course Bryan, for being the best husband to me and father to our girls. He helps me out so much, and he loves me unconditionally. He's always quick to make me laugh. He helps me to remember that I'm not just a mom. He's my partner, and my best friend, and I love him more every day.


j. said...

So sweet!!! You are too cute...I totally want/need to be more like you.

Have fun tomorrow! Love you guys!