Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back to Work

Wondering what this picture is of? It's looking into my new home office. This is what Bryan can do in about 10 hours - build an office!! Just wanted to show everyone where I will be spending 36 hours of my weeks starting last Thursday :(.
Actually, it feels kind of good to be thinking about something other than feeding times and grocery lists. I get to use my brain again, yeah!!!!! And I know that I'm so lucky to be working here in my jammies instead of fighting the traffice every day - I really do love my job!


Jennie-O said...

congrats on your new office and being able to work from home. I'm so sorry about Saturday. We were so bummed that we couldn't be there! I hope you guys had fun

j. said...

holy cow! he made a ton of progress from saturday night to monday! i just barely saw it & it was not that far along!

love that you went with the office idea. it is going to be awesome.

jennybrum said...

Wow, you still have a brain left after having kids?!!! I think mine fried up after Darcy was born! I'm glad Shara pointed me to your blog. Your girls are so cute!