Thursday, August 21, 2008

Praying With Lauren

So Lauren has decided that she can say her own prayers. Aah, from the mouths of babes! Each and every prayer (whether it's a night time prayer, or dinner, or whatever) has to have certain words/phrases.
They all start out with the appropriate "Dear Heavely Father" and usually you can make out something about being thankful for this day. Then the fun begins. One of the things she always says is "all night long". You would think this only applies to night time prayers when saying you want to sleep all night long, but for Lo it also applies to mealtimes so that the food will make us healthy and strong all night long. On occasion, Mom and Baby Mya also needed to be healthy all night long (hopefully for longer than that :).
Sometimes she requires some prompting, and sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes you can understand what she's trying to say, and sometimes you can't. But always, Daddy needs to come home safe, Grandpa is in Nevada, and she's thankful for her blessings. The other night, after watching Olympic swimming all evening, she said something about Daddy swimming in the water.
You've gotta wonder what goes through their little minds.


Holly Strong said...

I love this phase. It gets so much more fun! LOL We still have a hard time getting Tanner to say things correct and he does the repetitive stuff like's so fun watching them grow and learn. Now you need to get one of her on tape, since she'll grow out of it before you know it.

Jennie-O said...

how cute is that? I would die to hear one of her little prayers. That's priceless, you should get it on tape somehow.

j. said...

The 2 prayers I have heard have seriously almost made me cry. I LOVE LO LO!

The Byers Family said...

She is sooooo cute!!!!! I love coming to sunday dinner at Grandma Sherrie's and hearing her bless the food. It is so cute. I love her to death!!!! btw, this is annie!