Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dress Up New Year's Eve

Here's us women on New Year's in our lovely attire. Jennie, Kiersti, Amina, Heidi, and Jess - aren't we so cute!?!
I do have to say it was the funnest New Year's ever - even if I was in a dress.

And here's our handsome men - Erik, Tyler, Hyrum, Greg, and looking oh so excited on the end is Bryan. If you can't tell, we flatironed Bryan's hair for the event. We thought it was hilarious, but people kept telling him he should do it like that more often and that it looked really good. It did look good, but what guy flatirons their hair on a regular basis?

Our prom picture - ahhh, takes me back!! Since we never went to a high school dance together, I thought it was fitting to take a prom picture. I think Bryan looks kind of like Clay Aiken here - but a much cuter and more straight version.


JESS said...

woo hoo for the blog update! Finally! Love the new template too...Welcome back, my dear, welcome back.

Sheryll said...

Clay Aiken recently said his libido didn't exist.

Thought you should know.

And Brit's back in the mental hospital.

Can't find Heidi or Spence ANYWHERE.

val said...

Bryan speaking of's your old prom date...val sandberg!
I found your blog through Tyler's, through the Hagbloms. Just wanted to make sure you knew about the reunion next month.
Check out for details and photos of old HS friends.
Please come!
What happened to your curly hair?