Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Date Night GNO

Rock Band Date Night!!! I think I'm not the only one who will say that December 29th was AWESOME!! It was so much fun! Here we have Chase proving his beautiful vocal styles by getting 100%, Jay on guitar, and Abby - the happiest drummer ever. Have I said already that I love this game? Anyway, it's been rumored that some purchases have been made since - maybe because it's the best! Some things are better without the kids!

OK, I guess we did have one little pooper was there, but come on, how cute is Austin! Shauna and Chase have the cutest kids! And i can't believe how good he was, he just sat quietly and listened to us making all sorts of chaos and didn't even make a peep!


The Coffman's said...

Hey Kiersti - Found your blog on Carrie's. So fun to find blogs from the family! Your little girl is so cute!
Megan (Strong) Coffman