Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas with the Kinyons

Lauren in her pile of wrapping paper on Christmas morning - that's what a living room should look like!! She's lovin' up on Pablo (or to her it's Paboo).
For some reason we think it's cute to see her pull out all of the DVD's. I guess at some point in time we'll want to put a stop to that. I just love her little Christmas Day outfit, she's so freaking cute!!
This is what we gave Bryan's mom for Christmas. Any of you who know her will know what her reaction was (tears). It was probably one of my favorite gifts I've ever given her. Thanks Mat & Becky!!
At the Holdaway family party we did white elephants, and Bryan's first pick was this hard hat. I had to gently wipe his tears away all night after it got stolen from him by his uncle.