Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Twins' Birthday

I'm having a lovely time playing with Picasa's new editing features.
Super fun!
Anyway, Trevor & Scott's birthdays was April 5th.
It was a strange day with mixed emotions, but I feel I celebrated it exactly how I needed to.
We started out the day by getting some balloons and going to Trevor's grave to send them to him.

 We had to keep a couple for ourselves {aka, for mom's sanity}.

 Lo & Mya made him cards and we left some flowers.
There isn't a head stone yet, which sucks, but we are just waiting our turn after a long winter of frozen ground.

I don't have any pictures of the rest of the day, but we met up with my whole, huge family at Leatherby's to celebrate with Scott.
There were many fries and Tracy's Peanut Butter Cups consumed, and lots of smiles and laughs.
It was a great day.
Happy birthday, TremnenScott!!!


Jennie said...

Love it! Love your girls' new pictures on facebook, too. I miss Leatherby's. There's nothing quite like it, here.