Thursday, February 23, 2012

Further Explanation

You know when you blog about something, you "publish post" and then you go back and read it the next day and realize you kind of sound like a jerk?
Let me just say that I am, I'm positive, very guilty of saying the wrong thing to someone who has lost somebody. 
I still find the whole subject of death very awkward, because it is SO personal.  Just because I feel a certain way about losing Trevor, doesn't mean somebody else in the same situation feels the exact same way.
And I don't expect everyone {or anyone} to say the right thing.....because is there really a "right" thing to say?
Every person that left me a FB message, came to see me, texted me, called me, sent me a card - all said wonderful, heartfelt words of love and concern that I appreciate and hold dear.
I just think that sometimes people think they can make you feel better or ease your pain - it's human nature, we want to fix the problem, bandaid the wound.  Well, that just won't happen.
And it's better to say something stupid than say nothing at all.  Seriously, that might sound odd, but it's true.
And the best thing, for me, is for my friends and loved ones to treat me how they would before it happened.  I'm tough.  Like, really tough :)
And if you have questions or want to talk to me about anything - please, just ask.  If I don't feel like talking about it, I will definitely let you know!
And if I want to talk about it, I hope the unlucky "you" out there will be willing to listen to me.
It's very weird to not be talking about him all the time, because he is still on my mind constantly.
I hope I didn't sound like a jerk in my previous post!
Love you all!


Kristy said...

I hear ya sista! Tough, tough stuff that we have wade through! I love you and think of you and your family often!

Lindsay said...

You didn't come across to me that way at all. I know what you mean though about going back and reading through something and realizing it COULD come across differently than how you feel. (Thought through a post myself today about "pop-ins" that I didn't post but kind of still want to...)

Tangent. Sorry.

I say FREEDOM to expressing how we feel!