Thursday, July 14, 2011


See - I told you I'd post again soon :)

I was just thinking about this as my kids came barrelling down the hallway screaming at the top of their lungs right outside a restless napping baby's doorway, and I came out and said "absolutely not!" - they turned right around and ran downstairs to continue the happy screams in the playroom {where they belong}.
And I started thinking......I must say that a lot if they knew exactly what I meant when I said it.  I didn't even get to finish with "if you're going to scream, do it in the play room".
Then I started thinkng about the phrases my parents used to say when I was a kid.  They were mostly the classics, like "you're treading on thin ice, young lady", and "you've got a chip on your shoulder" {it took me a long time to figure out what that one meant}.

Here are some of the phrases that I think I say a lot to my kids:
"Don't make me come in there"
"I swear, if you {insert bad behavior/activity} one more time...."
"How sad.  Little girls who {insert behavior/activity again} have to go to bedroom time." - thank you Love & Logic
"What is going on??"
"Absolutely not!"
"I know." - thank you again, Love & Logic.  This one is used in response to excessive whining or complaining.  Also in response to repeat requests for something I'm not going to give.  Example: Mya: "I want a fruit snack."  Me: "No, not right now."  Mya: "I want a FRUIT SNACK!!"  Me: {very calmly} "I know."  I just have to say it once and she freaks out.  It shouldn't be, but it's pretty funny.  It's used a lot in the car.
"Do not talk about it again." - Lo can't let things go, and will try and discuss issues we have over and over again, which usually results in her getting into more trouble.

It seems as if the stuff I repeat the most is, let's say, not so fun.  But I do have some nice phrases, too - really, I do!
For instance:
"I just love you"
"I could just snuggle you all day long" - this one gets interesing responses from Lauren sometimes :)
"What the!" - my kids think it's hilarious when I say this, and have now started repeating it often, which I think is hilarious.
"How did you get so {insert compliment - pretty, smart, etc.}?" - I may have trained my kids to respond with "Cuz of Mommy".

See.....I'm not so bad :)

I'd love to see what you say to your kids on a regular basis.  Feel free to comment :)


j. said...

"this is my SWEETEST girl"

followed by her very own "sweetest girl song" (sing along in your head, please):

this is my SWEETEST girl
oh, this is my sweetest girl
this is my girl
this is my girl
this is my SWEETEST girl, GIRL!

followed by laughs and screams from the baby. there are lots more, but i think i've embarrassed myself enough already, yes?

ps. i already say "i know" all the time. when she is fussing about something it just comes out of my mouth, too.

Jennie-O said...

I always say "seriously" with a ! or a ? M has picked that up. But lately all I say is "I heard you" or "stop asking me the same thing over & over" m can be quite persistent. And that's why we now have designated treat days, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday. I'm sure there are many other annoying phrases I say, but I just used those 35 seconds ago, so they're on my mind.

Lindsay said...

I sing songs about each of them that mostly just go like this, "Brooklyn, Brooklyn, my Majooklyn, Brooklyn is my lady! Brooklyn, Brooklyn, My Majooklyn, I love her like crazy!" Insert any child's name, a rhyming word, and we end up with silly giggles & tickles and kitchen dances.

"You're so cute in your {Sunday, Birthday, Stripey, Jammy,onesie} suit!"

"Wash your hands & face and clean up your space." (after every meal)

I think it's clear, I like to rhyme.

"We are not talking about it anymore. Not ONE more word!"

"I'm losing my mind."

"Look,I've never been the mom of a {seven} year old. I don't know how to do it. So I'm sorry. Sometimes I mess up."

"Did you remember to bring your manners?"

"Oh good, your grumpy face decided to join us! I was missing it!" {insert a child's very very resistant smile}

"Did you wash your hands? Let me smell the soap."

"Dirty clothes go in the dirty laundry, not back in your drawer!"

"If you don't do it right the first time, we're going to do it until it's done right."

"I love you!" (I will roll down my car window and yell this to my children walking into school until they yell it back if they have not responded to me while getting out of the car.) Sometimes I will scream "I love that handsome little boy!" My kids will hate me in junior high. Guaranteed. But I WILL get my "love you's."