Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For Those of You Who Care

Warning: this will be a post about my pregnancy thus far.  For those of you who are completely uninterested in reading about this, please feel free to check out now - I'll never know :)
So, I'm 21 weeks today.  Twenty.  One.  Weeks.
I can hardly believe I'm already past the half way mark. 
Maybe it's because I still throw up a couple times a week, which is just weird to me because it only lasted until about week 14 with both my other girls.
Anyhoo - the little gem inside my tummy is quite the kicker.  Bryan felt her kick for the first time a couple of days ago, which is nutso to me because I remember with Lauren I went in for my 20 week ultrasound and watched her turn somersaults and didn't feel a thing.
We have decided on a name, which some of you know, but I don't feel right about telling the entire blog universe.  I'll just say it was quite surprising that we loved this name, but we do.  I've never really felt like people are necessarily supposed to be named any one particular name until this baby.  This is her name, and the moment I said it to Bryan it was over.  And I love it.  It's very simple, very sweet, and for some reason makes me picture her as being a very calm, serene baby.  Honestly, I'm sure that's just wishful thinking, but you never know.  Lauren was that way {until she was about 1} and that means calm babies are in our genetics somewhere, right?
Here are few little fun facts about this pregnancy at this point.
*As I said, I still puke a couple times a week.  I stopped telling people I was starting to feel better and I was over the morning sickness because I would inevitably throw up that night.  So I'm "getting there".  I finally asked my doctor today to give me some meds, which I just took for the first time aout 30 minutes ago, so we'll see if they work.   
*For the first time, I actually think I have a semi-cute pregnant belly, instead of just looking like I swallowed a keg and had a few too many Cafe Rio burritos.  Maybe I'll post a pic soon, who knows.
*My saliva production is insane.  I mean, really, disgustingly insane.  I saw this episode of 16 & Pregnant where the girl walked around with an empty Pringles can and spit into it constantly because she produced so much saliva it made her sick.  I understand why.  In researching it, I think this is part of the reason I'm still feeling sick.  On days where I feel yuckier than normal, I've noticed I'm "spittier" than normal.  Totally gross, but you won't be seeing me walking around with a spit cup any time soon.
*I don't have any strange aversions to food - or any specific cravings, either.  Just certain things at certain times.  Right now I would possibly sell a kidney for a jelly donut, but after I have the coveted donut it will go away and I'll move onto something else.  And water from our fridge dispenser tastes strange to me, which I know is just my weird taste buds.  I went through a bacon & eggs phase, which, lucky for my thighs, passed relatively quickly.
*My girls {especially Lo} are so excited for the baby to come.  She asks me almost daily how big the baby is & if it's ready to come out yet.  I'm getting super excited to pick new bedding & decorate the nursery for this little one.
We went to "the" ultrasound today, and thankfully everything looks wonderful.  She's measuring smaller than my original due date by about a week, but I have instructed my doctor that the due date will not be changed.  And he agreed :)
But we were hoping to get that last and final confirmation that this is a girl.  Well, this stubborn little thing REFUSED to uncross her legs during the ultrasound.  We tried everything - she was even kicking with her legs crossed as tight as possible.  The ultrasound tech thought it was pretty hilarious.  So my doc said we would give it another look on my next visit to make sure.  Have I mentioned how much I love my doctor?  Well I do.  He's the best.  He delivers babies with the biggest smile on his face you've ever seen.  It's pretty adorable.

And here she is - don't you just love in utero baby profiles?  I sure do :)


j. said...

Umm, I care! I loved the pregnancy facts and would die to see a pic of the bump.

And I havent bogged about anything but my pregnancy since hospitalization. And I too realize tbat most people don't care but sometimes it takes over your life for a while!! Blog on, woman!

BreeAnn said...

Awesome! I am glad things are going well! You should facebook me the name if you feel so inclined! I am good at not blabbing my mouth! :) Ty won't let me tell our name until he blesses the baby...it's a " thing " of his...I hope the medicine helps you to not throw up so much!

Mike and Mindy Williams said...

I'm a spit monster too! It's gross--especially sleeping at night! What is the deal?!

carolee said...

Love the sweet little ultrasound profile. I was laughing so hard reading your post about speaking Myan. Too funny! I love toddler speak and actually feel a little sad when they start pronouncing things right. Its just too cute. BTW love that pic of the girls up top. Did you make those darling dresses?