Monday, September 8, 2008

Long Lost Easter Pictures

My friend Sheryll (awesome photographer) took these pictures this last Easter at Gardner Village, and they were on a DVD so I couldn't download them until now cuz my in-laws didn't have a DVD drive on their computer. Anyway, here are some pictures of Lo. She was really not a happy girl that day, but we still got some really cute pictures. I didn't put them all on because they take quite a while to download. I can't believe this is almost 6 months ago and how much she's changed since then!! This was the Sunday before she started walking - so hard to think that she ever didn't run around all day long! I just love my little Mebud so much, she's such a cutie!

This is my favorite picture! Sheryll brought cupcakes and we let Lo chow down - it was hilarious, they were really the only good smiles we got out of Miss Ornery Pants that day. Well played, Sheryll, well played.


Holly Strong said...

I saw those pictures at your inlaws house. I LOVE the dress, where did you get it?!?! She is such a cutie pie..I love LoLo.

Sheryll Lynne said...

Hope you enjoyed Mya's pics!

Also, I have decided to combine my personal website with my photography website, so my address has changed.

It's now:

The Byers Family said...

YOU ARE AS BAD AS BECKY!! UPDATE THIS BLOG!! I know all your friends want to see some cute new pics of Lolo, not to mention Mya! Get them on here! Maybe you need someone to watch Lolo and Mya for a bit so you can update (hint hint) Love you! UPDATE!!