Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas with the Kinyons

Lauren in her pile of wrapping paper on Christmas morning - that's what a living room should look like!! She's lovin' up on Pablo (or to her it's Paboo).
For some reason we think it's cute to see her pull out all of the DVD's. I guess at some point in time we'll want to put a stop to that. I just love her little Christmas Day outfit, she's so freaking cute!!
This is what we gave Bryan's mom for Christmas. Any of you who know her will know what her reaction was (tears). It was probably one of my favorite gifts I've ever given her. Thanks Mat & Becky!!
At the Holdaway family party we did white elephants, and Bryan's first pick was this hard hat. I had to gently wipe his tears away all night after it got stolen from him by his uncle.

Lolo has Piggies!!

So as we all know, my kid has no hair, but I've finally managed to give her little piggies! After my grandpa said that she was "such a good boy" at our family Christmas party, I decided it was time to take some action. Apparently the earrings and the constant pink aren't enough. So I did the only thing I could do and listened to my child scream as I yanked her hair into 2 little, pathetic pig tails. She's getting used to them, and doesn't even try to pull them out! I know to most of you, this may seem a little strange to be going on and on about, but it was quite the accomplishment for us.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pictures of Lauren

In November a friend of min at work offered to take Lauren's pictures at Copperton Park. They turned out so great!!
Shortly after this was taken she started yanking on my earrings, she was put down very quickly after that.

Girls are so dramatic

She looks a bit concerned, I'm not sure why.

Rock Band!!!!!

We bough a PS3 game called Rock Band - pretty much the funnest game ever invented, and I hate video games. Here's Andy on vocals (normally my specialty)
Andy on drums
Scott on vocals, Trevor on guitar

Lexi & Will on "guitar" - they weren't plugged in, but as Will would tell you they were "rocking out"!! After every song, he would ask everyone, "Did you rock?"

Christmas Cards

This is me attempting to take cute pictures for our Christmas card.

I had to pry those candy canes out of her mouth when we were done. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

The candy canes were basically to distract her from tearing off the Santa hat.
And the hat came off anyway
Lauren in her Christmas dress - and of course a candy cane lodged securely in her attack dog-like jaws.

First Birthday!!!

Tissue paper is so exciting to a one year old!
My sister, McKell, made Lauren's birthday cake - I loved it, it was sad to think of what would happen to it.

And here's Lauren destroying her cake.


Lauren and her cousins Lexi, Brock, and Will at the pumpkin patch.
Lauren (the piggy) and her friend Barelie (the lamb) at our ward Halloween party - surprisingly Lauren kept her costume - including hood - on all night.
Here's Bryan feeding her who knows what on Halloween.

Here we are!!

The Kinyon Family is now blogging! Here's us at Copperton Park in November, I think only the second or third picture we have with just us 3 together.
Bryan is working at Salt Lake School District, and I'm still at Selecthealth. I'll be starting to work from home soon, so we're all very excited for that to happen because I'll get to spend so much more time with Lauren!